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Neodymium Ring Magnets - Discover the Power of Circular Magnets

Neodymium ring magnets, or ring magnets, exhibit remarkable magnetic properties with their circular shape and a central hole. These versatile ring magnets serve a wide range of purposes, from electric motors to magnetic levitation displays, bearings, high-end speakers, magnetic experiments, and even jewelry. At CMS Magnetics, we present an extensive selection of ring magnets, including small rings with a 1/4" outer diameter to larger 4" ring magnets readily available. For specialized needs up to 8", we offer custom ring magnet options when you get in touch with CMS.

Our ring magnets are offered in various grades, such as N35, N42, N45, N48, N50, and N52, with residual flux density spanning from 11,500 to 14,400 Gauss. In this category, neodymium ring magnets deliver pull forces ranging from 1 lb to an impressive 400 lbs.

For those seeking alternatives to neodymium ring magnets, CMS Magnetics provides Ceramic Ring Magnets, AlNiCo Ring Magnets and Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnets in the related Magnet Materials category. Explore the world of circular magnets with CMS Magnetics today!