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Craft Magnets Medium Duty

11111111cms-logo2.jpgMedium Duty Craft Magnets

 These Craft Magnets Are A Little Stronger 

These medium strength magnets are a little stronger and a bit larger than the light duty craft magnets on the other paragraph. Typically, the job they need to perform as craft magnets is a bit tougher. In this level of crafts it is desirable to have a heavier strength craft magnet because they will hold more weight or it may be a safety issue.  It probably isn't a good idea to use light duty craft magnets to build a DIY knife holder with craft magnets that will not keep the knives on the magnetic strip.



 In this category too we carry:

  •  round magnets for DIY crafts
  •  magnetic strips for crafts
  •  still a few small magnets for crafts
  •  and now some strong magnets for crafts (stronger)