Neodymium To Magnets, The Journey

About Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Facts

Neodymium is an element whose characteristics can be found on the periodic table of the elements.   Neodymium is mined and processed in China for the most part.  In fact China is responsible for 94% of the world's neodymium output.


Some of the shapes neodymium magnets come in:


Ring Magnets

Bar Magnets

Disc magnets

Hook Magnets


sc Magnets 


Cylinder Magnets 

Cube Magnets 

Magnetic Balls

Block Magnets 



What is a neodymium magnet? 

A magnet manufactured with Neodymium that is used in medical and other technical equipment, speakers, glass,and especially strong magnets.  The main characteristic that sets neodymium magnets apart is their amazing strength compared with non neodymium magnets.  

Where to buy neodymium magnets near me? 

The easiest way is online at with a huge selection & near everyone  with their quick shipping.


How are neodymium magnets 


Sintered Neodymium is made by casting all of the raw materials into small bricks.  They then smash the ingots into a powder and sinter it into blocks.  The blocks are heat-treated, shaped, surfaced usually with a 3 layer copper,  nickel, copper coating and then magnetized.

Sample Neodymium

Copper Nickel Copper Protective Coating 

Why can neodymium magnets be dangerous?

Yes it can be the dust during the manufacturing process can cause lung issues.  The magnets can also pinch fingers.  Small children that place things in their mouths should not be allowed to play with these magnets.  If swallowed they can come together and pinch the lining of the stomach causing severe injury & even death.

Huge Xinjiang mine open neodymium mine in China.pit 

There are other specialized coatings such as plastics, epoxy, Teflon® & gold Neodymium magnets come in strengths typically ranging from N40 - n52 with N52 being the strongest.