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Ceramic Channel Magnets

Ceramic Cabinet Magnets

These are the lighter end of the channel or cabinet magnets.  If you are redoing your kitchen cabinets and are in a stationary environment (Not an RV or a boat) These indoor magnets should do the trick.  

Cabinet magnets are the ones that you see on cabinet doors where it strikes the cabinet itself and seals the door.  If you are in your home just a small amount of pull power will usually work.  All you should need is a slight pull to release the magnets but they need to hold it closed so that it looks nice.

In a garage, the magnets you use to keep cabinet doors closed might need to be a little more powerful. Here is where the neodymium cabinet magnets come into play.  I know I do not always put my tools in the cabinets perfectly & sometimes a couple boxes of nails might topple with my wife's car being right under where I keep them.  You better go with the neodymium in this case.

The other scenario is in a boat or an RV where things could get rough and someone may get hurt.