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Residential Wind Power Systems

CMS and renewable energy are synonymous.  Wind turbine and wind power blades magnet wire powermax-106-07944-39275.1507249035.jpgand energy savings.  Both wind power and the power of the sum have been hailed as the energy of the future of the planet.  I think most of us can agree that fossil fuels are really bad for the planet & you do not need to be a tree hugger to see that.  How is the transition made?  Maybe it isn't time to get rid of Honda yet but one thing that you can do is consider the use of residential wind power.

At CMS magnetics we take this transition seriously and provide all of the essentials needed for at least your part of the world a little more green.  Our resident engineer can also answer all of your questions when you are considering the move.

Some of the things to consider when looking into residential wind power:

1.  Where are you and what rules govern the use of residential wind power?

         If you live in the country on your own land the construction of a wind power system is going to be less likely an issue as most areas outside of city limits have fewer regulations regarding everything to include residential wind power.  When you get into some of the highly governed cities however, Thing start to change some.  Building permits and such are usually a requirement and they may not even  you put up the windmill in your area.  These places are becoming fewer and talon5-67712-08640.1507249034.jpgfewer though as time goes on.

2.  Do you have the room to do it?

         Straight up is your yard large enough to put up the mast section needed and to maintain the residential wind power generator.

          Proximity to such things as airports, flight paths, electrical plants or substations or environmental areas.   I know that last one seem to have a bit of an oxymoronish flavor to it doesn't it?  The problem may be with protected species of birds or just a high bird population in the area a wind power generator with its wind blades has sometimes proven to be a problem.


3.       Does where you are planning to erect this wind power have the wind necessary on a somewhat prevailing basis to run the wind power generator to make your dream of residential wind power feasible from both a realistic and financial standpoint.


CMS frequently has sales on wind power parts and kits as well as expert advise.  We occasionally receive used systems as well.  So check us out frequently.  We can help.