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Cup & Pot Magnets & Magnetic Bases

11111111cms-logo2.jpgCup Magnets & Channel (cabinet Magnets) Magnets

Focused Power for Maximized Strength

Cup & Channel Magnets, are also called round base magnets or cup magnets & even Pot magnets. Channel & Cup Magnets are made with permanent magnets assembled inside steel cups or channels. Most of the cup or channel magnets use either neodymium rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets. AlNiCo pot magnets can be found but Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnet is rarely used. The benefits of the outside covering of steel covering these magnets are strength and durability of the magnet. The holding strength of these cup or channel base magnet is much more powerful because the steel covering focuses the combined strength of of all sides of cup-magnet-cup-magnets-fishing-magnets.jpgthe magnet into the one non covered side. The steel coverings also protect the magnets from breaking, cracking & chipping for a much longer service life.  CMS Magnetics & Magnets For Sale carry a very wide selection of cup & Channel Magnets for your next project.