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Magnetic Therapy Has Come Of Age!


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Magnetic therapy is something that has finally become to be understood more in the medical field as a force to be reckoned with.   A branch of the federal government, the Veterans Administration has begun using a form of magnet therapy to treat PTSD. Veterans with PTSD treated with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. ... TMS treatments are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a magnetic therapy for depression.

Many have argued the benefits of magnetic healing for quite some time now.  bracelet.jpg

For the record magnetic healing using therapy magnets is an alternative medicine that has been around for over 2000 years in one form or another.  Magnets have been used to cure ailments such as arthritis, back pain anxiety, depression and others. Medical magnets have been placed in a variety of  magnet therapy products  such as in a magnetic therapy bracelet, bedding, magnetic therapy necklaces and even in magnetic therapy shoes to make them easy to carry around and almost invisible.  

You do not necessarily need to have an ailment to benefit from these body magnets.  Maintaining an all around posture of well being is something that these medical magnets may be able to help you maintain. 

Many people seem to be helped by magnetic therapy & our healing magnets for sale.  Thousands swear by magnet therapy and some get little if any response.  Reviews for healing magnets therapy products are overflowing with 5 star ratings.  Many medical doctors scauf at magnetic therapies, healing magnets & health magnets and abide by western medicines tried and true.  Then you have to ask yourself, how many people has western medicine (Penicillin) made sick? It doesn’t help everyone either does it?  

There have been many studies done on Magnetic Therapy & healing magnets as an effective medicine for these ailments cer-ther-3.jpgand granted most have concluded that healing magnets are not a suitable therapy. However, There have been well conducted studies that have concluded the opposite is true.

CMS does not take a stand on this as a company as we are neither therapists or medical personnel but I have seen the owner with magnetic bracelets on.  We have healing magnets for sale at CMS. There are also several (think 60 ish) magnetic therapists with spas the local Dallas area that come in frequently and purchase a fairly large amount of very specific healing magnets and magnetic healing products for therapy within their spas.  They have told us that healing magnets correct the Ph. levels of the body as a general therapy for well being.  Magnetic therapy helps their clients with chronic pain and they use healing therapy for depression with seemingly a good success rate