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Magnet Wires

Magnetic Wiring for Electronics & Electromagnetic Applications in Industries & Research

CMS Magnetics carries top quality bulk magnet wire for sale for industries, research organizations, universities and individuals. These magnet wires are used in almost all types of electronics and power devices. The magnet wires available for online purchase at CMS Magnetics are round enameled copper wires. Other material or types are available by quoting. The brands we carry include Essex and Rae as 10 or 80 Pound spools. CMS Magnetics also carries OEM magnet wires for personal or student science projects, which are in 1 pound spools.

We have aluminum or insulated magnetic copper wire supplied as either round or square wires. Contact our sales person when you have special requirements.

Magnet wires are used in winding of all types of electronics, like motors, electromagnets, inductors, generators, speakers, transformers etc.