Samarium Cobalt magnets are super strong magnets that
belong to the rare earth family of magnets. Because of
their unique characteristics, they typically are more
expensive than commonly found neodymium magnets.
SmCo magnets may have a slightly weaker magnetic field
strength, however, SmCo magnets are the best choice for
many applications due to their superior ability to retain
their magnetic strength at high temperatures. Powerful
Samarium Cobalt magnets are also far more resistant to
corrosion and oxidation than all other rare earth magnets,
so they do not require a protective coating. Because of the
materials these magnets are made of, they must be
handled with care because they are brittle and are much
easier to crack or chip compared to other magnets.
SmCo magnets are ideal for use in servo motors, space
probes and satellites (just in case you are sending one of
those up), switches, couplings, relays, sensors,
headphones, microphones, and many other applications
where extremely high (>175 0 F) temperatures or corrosion
(out in the weather) are factors. We carry SmCo magnets
in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including blocks,
bars, cubes, discs, and cylinders. We also can provide
customized Samarium Cobalt magnets at a reasonable

The SmCo magnets is also name is
Samarium Cobalt magnets are called rare-earth magnets because they’re mainly composed of Samarium, Cobalt and
other rare earth material. They are manufactured by using powder metallurgy techniques which include stringent
process controls and complicated heat treatment cycles.
The Brief Introduction of SmCo Magnets
SmCo Magnets (Samarium cobalt magnet) have two kinds of families: SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. SmCo5 usually is
made of three heavy metals of binary and similar metals and cobalt by the ratio of 1:5 compositions. Sm2Co17
usually is made of two samarium cobalt atoms and to 13-17 t atoms.
SmCo magnets (Samarium cobalt magnet) are usually obtained by the sintering; sintered SmCo magnets
(Samarium cobalt magnet) are brittle and lack ductility. Therefore SmCo Magnets (Samarium cobalt magnet) should
be handled with care. SmCo Magnets (Samarium cobalt magnet) have good corrosion resistance, so the surface is
usually not processed.
Product performance of SmCo magnets (Samarium cobalt magnet)
• good magnetic properties

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