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Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets: Comprehensive Catalog for Professional Applications

Explore our extensive selection of Neodymium Magnets, featuring high-grade, NdFeB magnets designed for a range of industrial, technological, and commercial applications. Our inventory ensures precise solutions for every requirement.

Key Advantages of Our Powerful Neodymium Magnets:

Expansive Range: With over 2,300 variants, our product line includes strong magnets tailored for specific operational needs across diverse industries.

Customization Services: For applications with unique specifications, we offer custom magnet fabrication. This includes rare earth magnets of distinct sizes or with specific temperature resistance capabilities.

Technical Specifications:

  • Grades: Available from N35 to N52, allowing selection based on magnetic strength requirements.
  • Magnetic Flux Densities: Range from 11,500 to 14,400 Gauss, ensuring high-performance outcomes.
  • Energy Products: Span from 35 to 52 MGOe, indicative of the magnets' efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Coatings and Durability:

  • Standard Coating: A Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer is applied to each magnet for enhanced longevity and corrosion resistance.
  • Alternative Coatings: Options such as epoxy, plastic, and rubber are available for specific environmental applications or aesthetic considerations.

Design and Features:

  • Shape Variety: Our selection includes diverse geometries like discs, blocks, and cylinders, accommodating broad application needs.
  • Functional Enhancements: Features such as countersunk holes, pre-applied adhesive, and stainless-steel coverings simplify integration and installation.
  • Magnet Kits: For comprehensive requirements, we offer sets complete with compatible accessories for immediate application.

Custom Neodymium Magnet Orders:

We understand that some projects require highly specific magnetic solutions. Our team is equipped to develop custom neodymium super magnets, meticulously designed to meet precise application standards.

Leverage Neodymium Magnet Technology:

Our focus is on providing neodymium magnets that support innovation and efficiency across various sectors. We are committed to delivering products that not only meet but exceed professional standards.

Find the Optimal Neodymium Magnet:

For applications demanding strong magnetic performance, explore our selection of neodymium super magnets. Contact us for a consultation on custom solutions or to find a product that aligns with your technical requirements.

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