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Neodymium Magnets

Welcome to the ultimate destination for Neodymium Magnets. We are proud to showcase a wide variety of strong, rare earth, NdFeB magnets. Dive into our expansive product catalog and find the exact fit for your requirements.

Why Choose Our Neodymium Magnets?

  • Unparalleled Inventory: We offer over 2,300 rare earth magnets, ensuring a variety tailored to any and every need.
  • Diverse Selection: From unique shapes to varying dimensions and features, our strong NdFeB magnets cater to specific demands, big or small.
  • Custom Solutions: Don't see what you need? We offer custom-made options designed to fit your precise requirements, whether it's a magnet as large as 8 inches wide or one that can withstand temperatures up to 210°C.

Specifications that Stand Out:

  • Grades to Match Needs: From N35 magnets to N52 Nd magnets, pick the grade that suits your project.
  • Impressive Flux Densities (Br): Our neodymium magnets have a range from 11,500 Gauss, climbing to a commanding 14,400 Gauss.
  • Maximized Energy Products: With energy products spanning from 35 to 52 MGOe, our magnets ensure optimal performance.

Protect & Style with Coatings:

  • Shielded with a standard Ni+Cu+Ni layer, our NdFeB are safeguarded for longevity.
  • Seek alternate aesthetics or additional protection? Choose from coatings like epoxy, plastic, and rubber.

Shapes & Features to Enrich Applications:

  • Classic Forms: Including discs and rectangles.
  • Advanced Features: Our powerful magnets come with enhancements like countersunk, adhesive pre-applied, and stainless-steel covering.
  • Complete Kits: Need a comprehensive solution? Opt for our magnet sets, equipped with matching steel strikers and screws.

Custom Creations Just a Click Away:

We recognize the need for unique solutions. Should you seek a particular geometry or have a unique application in mind, get in touch for custom orders. Every rare earth magnet we craft is an example of quality and strength.

Discover the Power of Neodymium:

As the frontrunners in super strong magnets, we invite you to experience magnetic technology at its finest. Our inventory is more than just magnets; it's about using magnetics to create practical solutions.

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