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A Magnetic Bracelet from our magnetic jewelry collection

Our Own Exclusive Line of Novoa Magnetic Therapy Bracelets with Their Great Looks & Strong Magnetic Field.   


You will be amazed at the simple beauty of your new healing magnetic bracelet as it dangles from your wrist.  A pain relief bracelet held securely by our magnetic jewelry clasps.

Clean, simple lines and stylish, without breaking the bank.  Our magnetic bracelets for women and men are in our new premium line with a strong magnetic field that is designed to provide the best magnetic therapy benefit available in a bracelet today. These are bracelets that are therapeutic, a solid value while looking stylish enough to blend with all other jewelry & all outfits. Look good, be fashionable and get the highest level of magnetic therapy value of these therapeutic bracelets in terms of pain relief, blood flow, stress relief and more. 

A Novoa Magnetic Bracelet Our Premier magnetic jewelry Product line is not only great looking, but they are also therapeutic.