Channel Magnets

Chanel Magnets also called Cabinet Magnets are extremely helpful in cabinetry and other purposes where attachment to a non magnetic surface like wood, plastics or non magnetic alloys is desired. Cabinet magnets or channel magnets are shaped especially for cabinet doors. The strength that you select would be directly associated with the task in that cupboard doors within an R.V. would need a stronger pull than you would have to use in a static kitchen.

neodymium-channel-magnets.jpgChannel magnets are called that because they generally fit in the little recession or station on the edge of a cupboard door. These handy cupboard magnets replace the conventional door latches of past.

Neodymium cupboard magnets are obviously quite powerful and should be used for cabinets in motorhomes, boats and recreational vehicles once the doors must remain latched in a moving automobile.

The ceramic cabinet magnets are usually utilised in the house where there isn't any movement and the things behind the doors weigh less.

These Cabinet Magnets include countersunk holes so the screws used to anchor the station magnets into the wood, metal or plastic lay flat and even with the surface of the cabinet magnet.

Rectangular Magnetic Bases or base magnets are also called channel magnets. They are permanent magnets constructed inside steel channels. The advantages of the channel magnets are strength and endurance. 

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