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Super Large Magnetic push pins. A single push pin can hold up to 24 pieces of 20 lb papers to a metal plate. The results may vary when it's applied to other surfaces.  Several Different styles of Super Large Magnetic push pins.

CMS Magnetics NeoPin® is made of patent licensed super powerful neodymium magnets. These Super Large Magnetic push pins are made to replace traditional pushpin tacks. It becomes more and more popular since the magnetic whiteboards and the glass presentation board become much popular these day. It's a wonderful item for schools, offices, restaurants and warehouses. It can be used to hold notes, flow charts, maps, technical drawings and restaurant orders etc. onto magnetic surfaces. You can also use these products on school lockers, home fridges and office cabinets. 

The following is the reference for the holding power of each of the pushpins. The testing was done on the 20 lb A4 printing papers.

  1. 24 pages on steel surface which has a thin paint or no paint, like some cabinet.
  2. 12 pages on magnetic whiteboard.
  3. 9 pages on glass magnetic board.