Working Temperature of Neodymium Magnets

1. How the Working Temperature is Classified?

The working temperature of a regular neodymium magnet is 80 degree Celsius or 176 Fahrenheit. The highest working temperature the current technology can reach is 220 degree Celsius or 428 Fahrenheit for a neodymium magnet.

The working temperature of a neodymium magnet is graded as 80 degree, 100 degree, 120 degree, 150 degree, 180 degree, 200 degree and 220 degree Celsius and the following is the naming convention for them where the grade N35 is used as an example,

80 Degree C or 176 Degree Fahrenheit,  N35

100 Degree C or 212 Degree Fahrenheit, N35M, where M means medium high temperature

120 Degree C or 248 Degree Fahrenheit, N35H, where H means high temperature

150 Degree C or 302 Degree Fahrenheit, N35SH, where SH means super high temperature

180 Degree C or 392 Degree Fahrenheit, N35UH, where UH means ultra high temperature

200 degree C or 356 Degree Fahrenheit, N35EH, where EH means extremely high temperature

220 Degree C or 428 Degree Fahrenheit, N35AH


2. Which Grade Should I Choose for My Application? 

3. How are the Grade and the Working Temperature correlated?

Neodymium magnets can replace SmCo magnets in most cases, especially where the operating temperature is less than 80 degree Centigrade, though the temperature stability of neodymium magnets is not as good as SmCo magnets. The magnetic performance of the regular neodymium magnets will go down rapidly around 80 degrees Celsius but the specially made ones can work up to 220 degree Celsius. Compared to SmCo magnets, the corrosion and oxidation resistance of neodymium magnets are relatively low.