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Magnetic Pushpins

Discover the Power of Magnetic Pushpins: Your Ultimate Organizing Solution

Welcome to the world of Magnetic Pushpins at CMS Magnetics, where organization meets innovation. Our magnetic pushpins are not just any ordinary magnets; they are a blend of strength, versatility, and vibrant colors, designed to transform how you organize and display materials in schools, offices, homes, and beyond.

Versatile and Strong: Whether it's for a magnetic whiteboard, fridge, locker, or metal cabinet, our pushpins are crafted to provide a reliable hold for your notes, maps, report cards, and more. Our magnets are tailored for various environments – from bustling school corridors and busy restaurant kitchens to the serene spaces of your home office.

A Rainbow of Choices: With over 15 colors available, our magnetic pushpins can be used to color-code projects, mark important dates on calendars, or simply add a splash of color to your space. They are ideal for creating themes or highlighting progress in projects and workflows.

Sizes for Every Need: From medium to super large, we offer a range of sizes to suit your specific requirements. Our pushpins pack a magnetic punch, with even the smallest capable of holding up to 16 pages of 20 lb paper. This makes them perfect for more than just pinning notes – they’re also great for creating innovative pushpin art.

Not Just for Whiteboards: While these magnets excel on magnetic whiteboards, they’re equally effective on refrigerators, lockers, and other metallic surfaces. Their holding power varies with different types of magnetic surfaces, but their functionality remains top-notch.

Ideal for Industrial Safety: In industrial settings, these magnets serve as efficient safety markers, holding important notices and guidelines securely in place.

Ready to Ship: At CMS Magnetics, we understand the need for quick and efficient organization. That’s why our magnetic pushpins are always in stock and ready to ship, ensuring that you can start organizing as soon as possible.

Transform the way you organize and present information with our magnetic pushpins. Ideal for teachers, professionals, and anyone in need of a reliable, colorful, and strong magnetic solution. Shop now at CMS Magnetics and experience the convenience and effectiveness of our top-quality Magnetic Pushpins!