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Magnetic Pushpins / Medium

Medium Push Pin Magnets For Schools, Work & Home Magnetic Push Pins Bulk


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Here are your regular size magnetic push pins.  An wide assortment of colors.   Each set has a single color.  

This item contains a SINGLE COLOR of  medium magnetic push pins which are made of super strong neodymium magnets. Each medium magnetic pushpins is only 3/8" in diameter and 3/4" in height and can hold up to 16 pieces of 20 lb paper to a metal cabinet - an unbelievable holding power!

These medium magnetic push pins are made to replace the push pins with needles. Since no sharp pins are used, they are much safer than the regular pushpins. These magnetic push pins can be used on any magnetic surfaces. They are becoming more and more popular today since magnetic whiteboards are more commonly used.

These magnetic pushpins are much stronger than the similar products on the market. They can be used on magnetic whiteboard,office cabinetsschool lockers and magnetic whiteboard. No more headaches on those cheap fridge magnets that keeping sliding down the refrigerators!

The following is the reference for the holding power of each of the pushpins. The testing was done on the 20 lb A4 printing papers.

  1. 16 pages on steel surface which has a thin paint or no paint, like some cabinet.
  2. 8 pages on magnetic whiteboard.
  3. 1 page on glass magnetic board.