Magnets For Sale

CMS Magnetics' inventory of top-quality magnets for sale is second to none in the USA. Supplies come in daily to replenish supplies so that if you order magnets and find you need more the next day we will be there for you.

Rare earth magnets both Neodymium & Samarium-Cobalt, Ceramic Magnets & AlNiCo are all here. All Grades N35-N52 C5, C8.

CMS Magnetics carries: Office Magnets                   

                   Magnetic Toys

                   Magnetic Tools

                   Household magnets

                   Ditch Magnets

                  Industrial Magnets

                   Magnetic Bracelets

                  All Shapes & Sizes of Neodymium Magnets 

                     Arc Magnets

                     Bar Magnets

                     Disc Magnets

                     Magnetic Balls 

                     Magnetic Cubes

                     Ring Magnets

Top-quality magnets for sale a solid supply chain combined with knowledgeable customer service and quick shipping make CMS Magnetics in Garland, TX. 

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