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ALNICO Magnets

 Step into the magnetic universe of AlNiCo with CMS Magnetics, Inc. & Magnets For Sale online store. As a global leader in the magnetic industry, our reputation for delivering top-tier AlNiCo magnets is well-established. Our AlNiCo product range offers not just diverse options but unmatched quality that serves multiple industries. Delving into our collection, you'll encounter the strength of AlNiCo 5 magnets, popularly known as Alnico V, the versatility of AlNiCo 8 magnets, and the distinct features of AlNiCo 8B. However, our dedication doesn't stop at variety. Every AlNiCo magnet in our catalog is a testament to quality craftsmanship, backed by ISO 9001 certified manufacturing, guaranteeing each product meets rigorous international standards.

Among our standout offerings are the AlNiCo bar magnets, especially the acclaimed AlNiCo V and AlNiCo 5 pickup magnets, known for their intricate designs and unmatched resilience. While neodymium magnets are known for their raw power and ceramic magnets for their affordability, AlNiCo magnets from CMS Magnetics shine brightly with their superior temperature stability and corrosion resistance. Their widespread use in high-end relays, aviation, and defense sectors speaks volumes of their unmatched quality. At CMS Magnetics, our commitment to excellence ensures that when you make a purchase, you're getting unparalleled value. Prioritizing quality above all, we're confident that our AlNiCo magnets are among the finest the industry has to offer.