Magnetic Balls

Magnetic Balls

Jul 5th 2023

Examples of Magnetic Balls

Ball Magnet Magnetic Balls Magnetic Balls Sphere Magnets

In this article the term Sphere Magnet & Magnetic balls are synonymous. See above photo panel.

A sphere magnet is a ball shaped material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls or pushes on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron.

Neodymium Sphere Magnet Sometimes Called Magnetic Balls

  • Sphere Magnet- a magnet that creates a strong magnetic field which attracts iron & other ferrous materials. These magnetic balls are spherical or round in shape & in this case manufactured from Neodymium. Sphere magnet’s Poles & strengths vary based on size, grade & other factors. Sphere magnets are used as desk toys and in sophisticated scientific & medical equipment
  • sphere-magnets-ball-magnets.jpg Magnetic Balls Material: These Sphere Magnets Are made with a Neodymium Alloy
  • Sphere Magnet Strength Grade: N35 & N42 Residual Magnetic Flux Density 11,200 -13,200 Gauss
  • Magnetic Balls Magnetization Direction: Through Diameter Of The Round Sphere Magnets
  • Other Names for Sphere Magnets: Spheroidal Magnets, Round Magnets, Magnetic Balls & Ball Magnets
  • Sphere Magnet Dimensions 1/8" up to 2“ diameter. Maximum Energy Product 42 MGOe
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Uses of Magnetic Balls

  • Electric motors (e.g. powerless tools, hybrid/electric vehicles)
  • Computer and cell phone accessories (e.g. hard disks, loudspeakers, headphones)
  • Office supplies (e.g. message boards, name badges, business cards)
  • Small household items (e.g. hooks, toys, crafts. jewelries)
  • Green energy (e.g. wind turbines, rechargeable batteries and biofuel catalysts
  • Magnetic therapy (e.g. magnetic therapy bracelets, necklaces, beddings) Scientific instruments (e.g. NMR spectrometers and MRIs)
  • Aerospace
  • Wind turbines