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CUBE Magnets

Explore the extensive collection of Neodymium cube magnets for sale at CMS Magnetics, your leading rare earth cube magnet supplier. Crafted with precision, our Neodymium magnetic cubes online range from the robust strength of Grade N35 to the unparalleled power of Grade N52, ensuring you access the best NdFeB cube magnetic materials for any application. The geometric design of these cube magnets intensifies their magnetic force, especially as their size increases. Our selection spans from compact 1/8 inch cubes to formidable 2-inch high-strength Neodymium cube magnets, with the latter boasting an impressive 478 LB holding force. Especially notable are our large cube magnets, which, due to their overwhelming strength, necessitate careful handling to prevent injuries. Whether you're in search of durable rare earth magnet cubes for intricate projects or powerful NdFeB magnetic cubes for industrial applications, CMS Magnetics offers a premium range, ensuring you find the perfect fit. Dive into our CMS cube magnet neodymium collection and benefit from the premium NdFeB cube magnet offers we proudly present.