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CMS Ditch Magnets are an oilfield tool designed to remove ferrous metal particles from drilling mud. The core part of the ditch-mag.jpgditch magnet is the permanent magnets which decide the catching power of the products. The stronger the magnets, the more metal particles will be captured. As of today the strongest type of permanent magnet is neodymium rare earth magnet, which is 7-8 times stronger than the ceramic magnet. The ceramic magnets are much weaker and heavier than the neodymium magnets so they are phasing out in today's oil industry.

The Benefits of CMS Magnetics Ditch Magnets:

  • CMS Ditch Magnets Catch More!  Much more powerful than ceramic magnet type so be able to catch more metal particles with one cycle
  • CMS Ditch Magnets Handle Easier!  it is much lighter than ceramic magnet types so it is much easier and safer to handle. Our ditch magnets can be handled by a regular build-up lady!
  • At CMS Magnetics Pay Less!   Pay less and catch more than other similar products!

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