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Neodymium Ditch Magnet

CMS Ditch Magnets are the best oilfield tools designed to remove magnetic metal particles from drilling mud and shale shakers. The core of our ditch-mag.jpgditch magnets is the neodymium permanent magnet bar which makes our ditch magnets the most powerful and effective ones on the market. This is because the stronger the permanent magnets used, the more metal particles will be caught. As of today the strongest permanent magnet is the neodymium magnet, which is about 8 times stronger than the ceramic magnet. So our ditch magnets are 8 times more effective than the other brands on the market. The ceramic magnet is much weaker and cheaper than the neodymium magnet so the ceramic ditch magnets are not as cost effective as neodymium ditch magnets, while they are offered at the same price as our neodymium ditch magnets. Ceramic ditch Magnets are phasing out in today's oil industry.

The Benefits of CMS Magnetics Ditch Magnets:

  • CMS Magnetics Neodymium Ditch Magnets Catch More!  Much more powerful than ceramic ditch magnet type so be able to catch more metal particles with one cycle
  • CMS Ditch Magnets are easier to handle! it is much lighter than ceramic magnet types so it is much easier and safer to handle. Our ditch magnets can be handled by a regular build-up lady!
  • Clean becomes much easier too! The plastic wiper makes the clean process just as a single push!
  • Much more cost effective! The cost of our neodymium ditch magnets is almost the same as our competitor's ceramic magnet version. At CMS Magnetics, Pay less and catch more!

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