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​A Magnetic Bracelet May Boost Your Health

Posted by L.e. Carlson on Jan 8th 2018

A Magnetic Bracelet may boost your health. Magnetic bracelets for pain have been around for a very long time and here to for
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Rare Earth and Non-Rare Earth Magnets

Posted by L E Carlson on Dec 11th 2017

The Differences Between Rare Earth Magnets & Non Rare Earth MagnetsLike in most subjects if you learn the terminology you hav
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Frequently Asked Neodymium Magnets Questions

Posted by Lance Carlson on Nov 19th 2017

What is Rare Earth?Rare earth is an ore primarily mined in China. Rare earth is the source of 17 elements listed on the pe
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New Magnets For Sale Web Site is Launched

Posted by Jeff Lee on Nov 19th 2017

CMS Magnetics & Magnets for Sale has now launched its new website. The new site has a clean and sleek looking but kept
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How to Make a Push-Pin Magnetic Board at Home

Posted by Jeff Lee on May 24th 2017

A push-pin magnetic board is a simple DIY project you can do in an afternoon. The finished product makes an attractive, funct
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The Benefits of Magnetic Knife Holders

Posted by Jeff Lee on Mar 23rd 2017

Your kitchen is home to hundreds of useful items. From the refrigerator and microwave oven to the cheese grater and potato pe
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