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Industrial lifting magnets with On/Off Switch

Elevate your industrial operations with our cutting-edge selection of lifting magnets, designed for efficiency and safety in heavy-duty lifting. Whether integrated with forklifts or mounted on cranes, our robust magnetic lifting devices provide a secure grip on steel plates and other ferrous loads. Our inventory includes a variety of strengths to match every task — choose from lifter magnets capable of handling 880 LBs for precision work, 1320 LBs for mid-range applications, 2200 LBs for substantial lifting needs, or our formidable 4400 LBs magnets for the most demanding lifts.

Each lifting magnet is engineered with an easy-to-use release mechanism, ensuring that operations are smooth and controlled. With our lifting magnets for steel plate, streamline the process of moving heavy materials with confidence. For larger operations, our lifting magnets for cranes are the ideal tools for a seamless workflow, increasing productivity with every lift.

Discover the power and reliability of our industrial magnets for lifting at CMS Magnetics. Our magnets are not just tools, but a promise of quality, strength, and safety to keep your operations moving without interruption. Click through to find the perfect lifting magnet with release for your industrial needs and transform the way you lift.