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Neodymium BAR Magnets

About Neodymium Bar Magnets 

neodymium bar magnets

  • Over 320 Neodymium Bar Magnets available, with the length from 1/8" up to 8". The grades covers N35, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50 & N52. The pull forces of these bar magnets are from 0.36 LB up to 600 LBs.
  • These Bar Magnets have Residual Magnetic Flux Density from 11,500 Gauss to 14,400 Gauss ( or 1.15 Tesla to 1.44 Tesla ). The coatings include Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coating, epoxy & plastic encased.
  • The neodymium bar magnets w/ countersunk holes can also be found here. 


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