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Introducing Neodymium Bar Magnets: Your Ultimate Source for High-Strength Magnetic Solutions

Neodymium Bar Magnets stand out for their magnetic power and versatility. People also refer to them as Neodymium Block Magnets or Rectangular Magnets. These strong magnetic wonders are a fundamental force in the world of magnetism. 

Neodymium Bar Magnets represent the pinnacle of permanent bar magnet technology, and they come in a range of grades, from N35 to N52, offering exceptional magnetic performance. These industrial Rectangle Magnets are available in lengths ranging from 1/8" to 8", with pull forces spanning from 0.36 LB to a staggering 600 LBs. 

With maximum operating temperatures that vary by grade, these Super Strong Bar Magnets exhibit Residual Magnetic Flux Density ranging from 11,500 Gauss to 14,400 Gauss (or 1.15 Tesla to 1.44 Tesla). Their coatings include a robust Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coating, as well as options like epoxy and plastic encasement.

Discover the limitless possibilities of Neodymium Bar Magnets – your go-to choice for powerful, Permanent Neodymium Magnets. Whether you need to secure, lift, or create, these magnets offer the magnetic strength and reliability you can trust. Shop our collection now to experience the extraordinary magnetic capabilities of Neodymium Bar Magnets.