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Cylinder Magnets

Cylinder Magnets Neodymium 

Rare Earth Cylinder Magnets in Grades N42, N45, N50 & N52

  • Cylinder magnets are basically disc magnets whose heights are larger than or equal to their diameters.
  • The diameters of the Cylinder magnets in this category are 0.079"  to 1 1/2".  The pull forces of the cylinder magnets run from 0.58 LB to 209 LB.
  • Cylinder Residual Magnetic Flux Density is from 12,500 Gauss to 14,400 Gauss. 
  • The coatings for these neodymium Cylinders  include Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coating, epoxy coating, and a plastic coating
  • These rare earth Cylinder magnets are used hanging hanging temporary decorations as well as other items like tools, refrigerator magnets, school experiments, inventions & of course a variety of industrial applications.           
  • Countersunk Cylinder Magnets are also available.


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