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Cylinder Magnets

Oct 22nd 2020

cylinder magnets

Cylinder Magnets are a unique form of magnet. They provide an extremely versatile and convenient method of providing a magnet to a wide range of applications including packaging, signage, labeling, and product labeling, but are not limited to those applications. They also offer a very efficient way to generate magnetic energy in an environmentally friendly way.

There are different types of small Cylinder Magnets available for different uses. There is the Nickel coated cylindrical magnet which is extremely popular around the office and home industries. Other types of cylinders are the axially and cylindrical magnetized Cylindrical Magnets and the SMCO (Samarium cobalt) cylindrical magnets. Nickel

The most widely used n52 Cylindrical Magnets are usually Nickel Coated cylinders. The cylinder magnet is very effective at producing a strong magnetic field around the cylinder and can be very efficient for application areas where a high level of magnetic field is required. The cylindrical magnet has the most efficient ability to create a strong magnetic field and is preferred for a wide range of applications.

Cylindrical magnets are frequently used in packaging and labeling applications. The structure Cylindrical magnet net is extremely durable and the surface is also extremely smooth which helps to provide the best surface finish.

A thin coating of aluminum oxide is also applied to the inside of the cylindrical magnet. The zinc-coated cylinder magnet is also used in the label less packaging industry as the cylindrical magnet is much more powerful than its other forms.