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  • 3/8x1/8" w/ 1 Countersunk Hole for #4 Screw
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  • Countersunk Neodymium Magnet
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N42 3/8"x1/8" Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet With #4 Countersink

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This product measures 3/8" in diameter and 1/8" in thickness and is made of a grade N42 neodymium, iron, and boron magnetic alloy blend. This magnetic blend is patent licensed and made under the ISO 9001 quality systems. They are plated in a nickel-copper-nickel coating for a shiny corrosion-resistant finish. The North and South poles are on the flat sides. The pull force of this magnet is 4.2 lbs. This magnet also features a countersunk hole made for a #4 flathead screw. This is a great item for use in personal projects as well as for crafts and closures and can also be used to help keep objects secured or fastened to any ferrous surface. 

  • Material: Sintered NdFeB. N42 Grade
  • Gauss Rating:13,200 Gauss
  • Pulling Force: 4.2 lbs.
  • Pole Orientation: Axially magnetized, the poles are on the flat surfaces.
  • Coating:Ni+Cu+Ni 3 layer plating, the best coating available.
  • Tolerance: All dimensions are +/-0.002"

PLEASE NOTE:             

  • All magnets may chip and shatter, but if used correctly can last a lifetime.
  • Keep away from pacemakers.
  • Not for children, parental supervision required.
  • If damaged please dispose of completely. Shards are still magnetized and if swallowed can inflict serious damage if magnets join inside the digestive tract.

Product Videos

50 rare Neodymium earth disc magnets 1/4" x 1/16" NdFeB desk playing fun (04:33)
Note: Magnets no longer available. Link does not work.50 rare Neodymium earth disc magnets grade N35. They are exactly 6mm x 1.5mm in size which is very close to 1/4" x 1/16" on the English standard system. 50 of them make 3" and if you buy 100 it makes 6" thats a half of a foot! These little handy magnets are over 10 times stronger than regular icebox magnets. End less fun and helpful things to do with them. You can use them to pick up objects that you dropped or hang small items on the wall or icebox. Some people even say there good for healing cut spots or injuries, speeding up the healing process.If you always are bored than these magnets will entertain you forever almost. You can make little objects and spin them around. They are so strong that you can put 2 between you finger and they would hold there. You can also do strange magic tricks and impress your buds. They side across the table at fast speeds into each other and do all sorts of fun tricks. Great for a child or adult you know. I have been selling these for years and you can buy them at my store:http://stores.ebay.com/fotonphorces-Store
  • 50 rare Neodym...
    Note: Magnets no longer available. Link does not work.50 rare ...

Warranty Information

This product is covered by 10 year warranty on the magnetic strength under normal usage. Used in the environment which has high temperature and virbation will void this warranty. The product should not be used in the outdoor or high humid or salty environment except extra insulation measurement is taken.

Other Details

Gauss Rating:
13,200 Gauss
Pulling Force:
4.2 lbs
Pole Orientation:
+/- 0.002in


There are 5 review(s) for N42 3/8"x1/8" Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet With #4 Countersink

  • Great magnets for creating small closures

    by Shane Neighbors – 11th Aug 2015

    Purchased both the N & S Pole versions for creating a closure for a wooden box. Holds strong and will be buying more.

  • Great little Magnet

    by Mark Kieckhefer – 5th Mar 2015

    Had an idea that called for small donut shaped magnets. Preferred to have ones with a countersink and these little babies get it done! Thank You! I will be back.

  • Perfect for our applucation

    by Marty – 7th Jan 2015

    We are building two-piece tabletops in 1 x hardwood, and needed a simple way for the edges to align when assembled. We used a doweling jig to insure position and they worked great! The only issue is that #4 screws are somewhat difficult to find.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 3rd Jan 2015

    These small magnets are perfect for replacing missing ones from my home security system. Great product good service.

  • small but super strong

    by Jeff Jane – 19th Aug 2014

    We bought 50 of these magnet for some home project. they are small but super strong. can't be happier with these little things. we'll be coming back for more later on. Great product and quick shipping.