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Magnetic push pins, Name tag holders, Business Card Magnets, Message Board Magnets & Magnetic Name Tagsmagnetic name tags

dsc-0265-b-web-50002-74783.1507248968.jpgMagnets for use in the office take many forms from the magnetic push pins to keep the things straight, organized & looking nice on magnetic message boards and magnetic white boards to the neodymium magnetic name tags worn at gatherings and Conventions.

CMS Magnetics & Magnets For Sale offer these as well as:

  • Name Tag Backings Neodymium Magnets for superior hold

  • Name Tag Holders Many varieties and sizes

  • Business Card Magnets

  • Magnetic push pins  Huge assortment of colors shapes & sizes we offer Magnetic push pins bulk too!

  • Message Board Magnets with all sorts of options

  • Magnetic Name tags to make your look professional at company functions and convention


We offer the following Office Magnets in all of the following pricing categories:

  •    Name Tag Backings               Bulk  Retail  Wholesale
  •    Name Tag Backings               Bulk  Retail  Wholesale
  •    Magnetic board magnets        Bulk  Retail  Wholesale  
  •    Push pin magnets                  Bulk  Retail  Wholesale
  •    Business Card Magnets          Bulk  Retail  Wholesale