CMS Magnetics Brand

Posted by L. E. Carlson on Aug 4th 2020

CMS Magnetics Brand

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This is what we do and all that we do. We sell magnets! Here at magnets For Sale & CMS Magnetics customers are our #1 priority and getting you the right magnet for your project just makes our day. We have a huge inventory on site centrally located in the country to get them shipped to you fast.

We also realize that few people purchase magnets more than a few times in their lives. What that mean is unless you just happen to have a PhD in physics in your back pocket you may have a few questions about your magnets or where to buy rare earth magnets or where to buy neodymium magnets? Then there is the question what is the difference between rare earth & Neodymium. Magnets For Sale is a full service magnet store. Our 1st class customer service will answer all of your questions then take your order right over the phone if you wish or you can ask the questions & then go to and order them there at your leisure.

We have a fast moving inventory right here in Texas and more coming in from our manufacturers everyday. What this means is if you order 5 magnets to see if they will work in your large project and they do work, you can get 500 or 1000 or 10000 more the next day.

Magnets For Sale!

Without a doubt MFS is the place to buy magnets. We have bulk magnets at bulk magnets prices for large orders but will very gladly sell you a single magnet for that shower curtain at home too.

So when the question comes up at the water cooler; where do I buy strong magnets?, tell them Magnets For Sale & CMS Magnetics would be the magnet store for them