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Adhesive Neodymium Magnets

 Neodymium Magnets & Adhesives, What will We Think of Next?

 CMS’s Magnetics & Magnets For Sale’s adhesive neodymium magnets are thin neodymium magnetic discs pre-applied with 3M peel and stick adhesives. This adhesive attached powerful neodymium magnet lets you place the ease and reliability of Neodymium Magnets almost anywhere.

Magnets have been used for closures and cabinets for a long time.  With the advent of neodymium magnets and their super strength magnetism have become used for so much more. Adhesive Neodymium Magnets are many times stronger than the ceramic magnets and their use for closures provides stronger closing forces with a much smaller profile. Neodymium magnets are replacing the older ceramic magnets in all areas of magnetic applications, like jewelry cases, gift boxes, high end folders and binders, and cabinet doors and drawers etc.

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