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N50 1"x1/2"x1/4" Neodymium Rare Earth Block Magnet

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This powerful neodymium block magnet measures 1" in length, 1/2" in width, and 1/4" in thickness and is made of a grade N50 neodymium, iron, and boron magnetic alloy blend. This magnetic blend is patent licensed and made under the ISO 9001 quality control systems and are plated in a nickel-copper-nickel triple layer coating for a shiny corrosion resistant finish. This magnet has innumerable uses as a holding magnet, but is also great for an assortment of both industrial and personal applications and can be used in an almost unlimited amount of ways.

Please note that all neodymium rare earth magnets are fragile and require extreme caution when handling due to their brittle nature and to avoid injury due to pinching.

  • Material: Sintered NdFeB. Grade N50
  • Gauss Rating: 14,100 Gauss
  • Pulling Force: 20 lbs
  • Pole Orientation: Magnetized through the thicknessĀ”, the poles are on the 1" x 1/2" surfaces.
  • Plating: Ni+Cu+Ni 3 layer coating, the best coating available.
  • Tolerance: The tolerances of all the dimensions are +/-0.002in with coating.

• All magnets may chip and shatter, but if used correctly can last a lifetime.
• Keep away from pacemakers.
• Not for children, parental supervision required.
• If damaged please dispose of completely. Shards are still magnetized and if swallowed can inflict serious damage if magnets join inside the digestive tract.

Warranty Information

This product is covered by 10 year warranty on the magnetic strength under normal usage. Used in the environment which has high temperature and virbation will void this warranty. The product should not be used in the outdoor or high humid or salty environment except extra insulation measurement is taken.

Other Details

Gauss Rating:
14,100 Gauss
Pulling Force:
20 lbs
Pole Orientation:
+/- 0.002in


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  • fast shipping

    by Mark Smith – 27th Nov 2014

    obviously these magnets are very strong. There are many places to buy these magnets but CMS Magnetics offers very low shipping prices and they ship very fast. This is where I get all my magnets and you should too.