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Industrial Magnetic Lifter 880 lbs Lifting Capacity Neodymium Magnets

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This is a powerful neodymium permanent magnet lifter designed for lifting, carrying, and releasing flat or round steel objects without an electrical power supply. This device attracts steel when the handle is turned to the "on”" position and releases when turned to the “"off”" position. This magnetic lifter is a great lifting tool in the metal industries, machine shops and warehouses. It greatly increases the efficiency and simplifies the tasks of lifting and moving steel plates and rods.

This product is insured against damages to property and persons.  "The Maximum Lifting Capacity" is the maximum lifting weight based on ideal conditions. For your safety, do not lift the items which exceed the rated lifting capacity.

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 2,640 LBS
  • Rated Lifting Capacity: 880 LBS for Plates, 440 LBS for Rods
  • Minimum Thickness of Steel Plate:
  • Applicable Range of Diameter of Rod:
  • Maximum Length of Load:
  • Safety Factor: 3.5

To know more about the magnetic lifters and how to choose the right model for your applications, pease refer to the CMS Magnetics Magnetic Lifter Technical Specs


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