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Ceramic Magnets | Hard Ferrite Magnets

Hard Ferrite magnets are also called ceramic magnets since the manufacturing process is pretty same as making ceramics. Ceramic magnets are the most economical permanent magnets and used widely in toys, education, crafting and home appliances. These magnets are not as strong as neodymium magnets but still find lots of applications in the industries and homes. These magnets are also very good option for magnetic physical therapy even though more and more people begin to use neodymium magnets for the purpose. Some advantages of using ceramic magnets are non-corrosion and high temperature resistance. The working temperature of this kind of magnet is around 482 degree Fahrenheit.

Ceramic magnets are molded and sintered. The mold availability is a big factor when you choose your vendor when acquire ceramic magnets. Even though you may find limited sizes and shapes of ceramic magnets for sale on this site but CMS Magnetics has much more molds than published here. Please contact us should you need help.

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