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Wind Power

Wind Generators , Turbines & Blades

Wind power is a clean, renewable energy source. Today’s wind turbines and wind generators are designed to start producing power at lower wind speeds than ever before, making wind power an option for nearly every location across the country. CMS Magnetics carries a variety of affordable solutions to allow you to generate a portion, or possibly all, of your electricity needs for your home, farm, ranch, or commercial building. Our grid-tied systems can generate savings as well as power by feeding any excess back into the local utility’s grid, paying in advance for power you draw from the utility when there is no wind.

We offer complete wind turbine systems that simply require installation. We also carry wind generator packages that require you to provide the tower or post. Our wind turbine DIY kits provide all the turbine parts and a how-to book that enables you to build the wind power setup that is perfect for your location and needs. We sell commercial-grade wind turbine blades in several lengths and lattice towers for supporting wind generators. If you’re still considering wind power options and thinking about building your own system, order a copy of A Wind Turbine Recipe Book for all the answers you’ll need.

Wind power is one of the major renewable energy. The wind generators provided by CMS Magnetics are affordable solutions to harness the wind power. With an investment from $1,500.00 to $7,500.00 you will be able to get the major equipment to set up you green system. 

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