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Samarium Cobalt Magnets (SmCO Magnets)

Samarium Cobalt magnets are permanent, super-strong rare earth magnets. They are more expensive than the popular neodymium magnets, with a somewhat weaker magnetic field strength. However, SmCo magnets are the best choice for many applications due to their superior ability to retain their magnetic strength at high temperatures. Powerful Samarium Cobalt magnets are also far more resistant to corrosion and oxidation than other rare earth magnets, so they do not require protective coatings. However, these magnets must be handled with care because they are brittle and may crack or chip.

SmCo magnets are ideal for use in servo motors, space probes and satellites, switches, couplings, relays, sensors, headphones, microphones, and many other applications where extreme high or low temperatures or corrosion are factors. We carry SmCo magnets in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including blocks, bars, cubes, discs, and cylinders. Contact us if you need samarium cobalt magnets in a custom grade or size.

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