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The Benefits of Magnetic Knife Holders

Posted by Jeff Lee on Mar 23rd 2017

The Benefits of Magnetic Knife Holders

Your kitchen is home to hundreds of useful items. From the refrigerator and microwave oven to the cheese grater and potato peeler, the sheer number of things that you use in a week that you can find in the kitchen is mind-boggling. Keeping it all organized and accessible can be difficult. How many times have you tried to find a lid to match a specific plastic container, only to have to settle for using a different container? At CMS Magnetics, we know how hard it can be to keep the kitchen in order. That is why we believe getting a magnetic knife holder for your kitchen is a terrific idea.

Save Counter Space

Not only will your magnetic knife holder save counter space, it will save drawer space as well. If you have ever had a knife drawer without an organizer, you know that it can be difficult and dangerous to find the knife you want. If you use a wooden block, that block takes up precious real estate on your counter that could be used for preparation or for another item that you need access to. A magnetic holder keeps the knives out of the drawer and out of the block while placing them within arm's length and visible so you can grab the right one.

Be Healthier

The wooden blocks have another disadvantage. They can be a breeding ground for bacteria as water and food remnants gather from the knife blades. Magnetic knife holders don't have that problem. Because they are in the open air, they are able to dry out quickly, and bacteria does not live on metal or magnets. Exposure to the light provides an additional source of bacteria resistance. By keeping your knives in sight and off the counter, you are helping to keep your kitchen organized. Being able to see and grab the exact knife you want will also help you prepare your meals faster.