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10 Cool Tricks That You Can Do with Rare Earth Magnets

Posted by Jeff Lee on May 24th 2017

If you've been looking for interesting ways to use earth magnets, you're in luck. There are at least 10 awesome cool tricks that you can do with Rare earth magnets.

  • Extract Batteries: You've probably got at least ten things in your home that require batteries to operate. Chances are, you've had at least one of these items hold onto some batteries longer than you'd like. Somehow, batteries always tend to get stuck inside of stubborn holders. If you've been looking for an easy way to get them out, take an earth magnet to the batteries, and they'll pop right out!
  • Find Studs: You want to mount a television on your wall, but you've got no stud finder. Instead of going to the local hardware store and spending money on a stud finder, pull out a magnet. Move a magnet over your wall until it sticks. Eventually the magnet will find a screw or nail hair under the paint, thus locating a stud!
  • Make a Compass: Sandwich thread between two very strong magnets, then hang it down and you'll have an instant compass. It's a lot easier than you might think!
  • Eddy Current Damping: If you're looking for a cool new party trick, drop a magnet down an aluminum or copper tube. You'll soon start to see a hovering slow fall that is caused by eddy current damping. Nobody will know how you did it!
  • Beat Magnet Safety Locks: If you're trying to use a photocopier or printer without closing the lid, attach a magnet to the inside hinge. You'll then be able to beat the machine's internal safety magnet lock.
  • Put Your Laptop to Sleep: Most laptops have a magnetic sensor that tells it when the lid is closed. If you want to make your laptop go to sleep with the lid open, place a magnet on the upper right hand corner of the lid.
  • Chip Clip: Placing two magnets on either side of an open bag of chips will create an awesome chip clip.
  • Building Set: Place magnets on the inside of tin containers, such as an empty container of Altoids. You'll now have a building set of Altoids tins.
  • LED Throwies: You can make LED throwies with magnets that will look awesome in your garden or front yard.
  • Fridge Pen: If you're always searching for a pen in your kitchen, attach a magnet to the metal clip on a pen, then stick it to your fridge. Boom! You've got a fridge pen.

Please be advised not all magnets are rare earth magnets. Earth magnets exhibit very strong holding power than non-earth magnets.