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Only the strongest magnets in the world

neo-ther.jpgNeodymium magnets are, as a group the strongest magnets in the world.  This however, does not tell the entire story because the grade of Neodymium is very important in determining the strongest magnets in the world.  The grades of dsc-2224-h-poles-83566-35667.1510694801.jpgneodymium run from N35 through N52.  N35 magnets are the weakest end of the neodymium with N52 being the strongest.  Therefore the n50 and n52 magnets are the strongest magnets of the strongest magnets.   We are speaking only of permanent magnets here.  There are some electro-magnets that are much stronger. 

Top Shelf Super Magnets with super strength & super versatility.  CMS carries Retail, Wholesale & Bulk Magnet sales.  Your complete powerful magnet  supplier. Sure they are the earth Magnets that are so sought after.   The top 2 grades of strong neodymium super magnets N50 magnets & N52 magnets are here at magnets For Sale & CMS.  There are no stronger permanent strong magnets on the face of the earth than the super strong N52 magnets. Super strong Magnets sales too are the N50 magnets but we realize that not all projects require the super powerful magnets that N52 magnets are.  N50 Neodymium is slightly less strong than the N52 magnets. When it comes to magnetic strength this is where hooks3.jpgthey are here at Magnets For Sale & CMS.     

Did you know Both Neodymium & Samarium Cobalt Magnets are Rare Earth Magnets?  So, What is what is a rare earth magnet?