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TOP 2 GRADES Neodymium Magnets Listed Here

ONLY The 2 Top Grades Neodymium Super magnets Here

Very Strong Magnets Indeed!

 Top Shelf Super Magnets super strength & super versatility.  CMS carries Retail, Wholesale & Bulk Magnet sales.  Your complete powerful magnet supplier. Sure they are the earth Magnets that are so sought after.   The top 2 grades of strong neodymium super magnets N50 magnets & N52 magnets are here at magnets For Sale & CMS.  There are no stronger permanent very strong magnets magnets on the face of the earth than the super strong N52 magnets. Super strong Magnets sales too are the N50 magnets but we realize that not all projects require the super powerful magnets that N52 magnets are.  N50 Neodymium is slightly less strong than the N52 magnets. When it comes to magnetic strength this is where they are here at Magnets For Sale & CMS.     


Did you know Both Neodymium & Samarium Cobalt Magnets are Rare Earth Magnets?  So, What is what is a rare earth magnet?

Simply put these super magnets are the most powerful magnets on the site.  These are rare earth magnets super strength powerful magnets. These are the 2 most powerful permanent magnets in the world.  If you do not know the use of powerful term permanent magnets is because they are not electro-magnets which can be turned on and off.   This page has only the super magnets that belong to they neodymium types. There are other earth magnets (rare earth Magnets) that are not neodymium super magnets; they are samarium cobalt which is discussed on another page.  Here on this page we only present to you our magnets for sale that belong to the rare earth magnet of the neodymium class in the neodymium n52 magnets and the n50 magnets. These are the 2 top tier super magnets and powerful magnets they are in the world.   We thought that if you are looking for this type of magnet ( n50 magnets or N52 magnets ) we should have a special place place to come for these super magnets. Step forward and own your first really strong neodymium magnets: your first very strong magnets at CMS Magnetics. CMS, The answer to the question, where to buy magnets.