Strong Magnet Hooks

strong magnet hooks

Finding heavy-duty magnetic hooks tailored specifically to your needs can make an immense difference to how easily you hang items around your home, garage, or workplace. They make use of otherwise wasted space while being attached without damaging surfaces like screws and nails would do - the key being finding one or two that best suit you and your lifestyle!

To help, we have assembled the top magnetic hook options on the market. Each powerful magnet can support large loads and is constructed of durable neodymium material - one of the strongest available materials. We highly recommend these magnetic hooks for a variety of applications such as hanging tools in your garage and suspending cables in sheds or workshops.

No matter if it's for hanging items from the ceiling or just to hold bags and towels in your bathroom, our selections make an excellent choice. The ANT Mag carabiner magnetic hooks are both sturdy and attractive - holding up to 440 lbs vertically or 110 horizontally! Plus they swivel, making rotation possible as needed.

This magnetic hook set comprises two powerful magnets connected by steel cups that protect neodymium magnets while also concentrating their force, with nickel coating for added strength and durability. Attachable to various surfaces including wood, drywall and steel surfaces and resistant to thermal stress, demagnetisation and rust - this magnetic hook set makes use of two strong magnets with bases that protect them - this means they are ready for action when necessary!

These hooks are simple to set up and can be attached to any metal surface with ease. Lightweight yet strong neodymium magnets hold up to 30 pounds on horizontal surfaces; their pull strength decreases slightly with vertical applications.

Home Editor Jaime is using these magnetic hooks in her kitchen and mudroom to store cooking tools, aprons, backpacks and winter coats of her children, while keeping some close at hand in both areas for use during humid swings. They are easy to clean; threaded from their base so unscrewing them should become necessary; you can still keep using the base as an anchor point with another hook; plus their beautiful brushed nickel finish complements any home decor perfectly!