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Magnetic Pushpins

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Push Pin Magnets

Pushpin Magnets For Schools, Work & Home Magnetic Push Pins Bulk Retail Wholesale colored-button-magnets.jpg

Look no more for the perfect push pin magnet.  CMS Magnetics push pin magnets are strong as they are colorful, these magnetic push pins are just fun.

Any magnetic whiteboard, fridges, cabinets lockers marking maps, as fridge, magnet sand, calendar magnets

Ideal Fridge or Office magnets

They pack a magnetic punch! 

Note: This product does not perform as well on a glass magnetic board 


CMS Magnetics & Magnet For Sale carries a wide assortment of magnetic push pins that are used in all types of settings from schools & restaurants to 

dsc-5680-a-nowm-36376-63083.1507249000.500.500.jpgMoms in Kansas major corporations in San Francisco. We have a large variety of colors and styles of magnetic push pin to suit your needs, and these magnetic push pins are in stock and ready to ship. Use our Magnetic push pins on magnetic whiteboards or other magnetic surfaces to hold notes, maps, report cards and homework. The Variety of colors of these magnetic push pins can be chosen as a theme or to indicate the progress of a project or working dsc-2093-web-00467-29417.1507249518.500.500.jpgschedules.  Large Magnetic push pins and Small magnetic pins have been used by artists in push pin art.  Magnets For Sale’s push pins are hefty too, as each push pin magnet can hold up to 16 pages of 20 lb papers to a metal cabinet.