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Neodymium RING Magnets

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Strong Neodymium Ring Magnets N35,N40,N42,N45, N50 & N52 At CMS Magnetics & Magnets For Sale Neodymium Ring magnets come in many sizes & grades.  CMS has samarium cobalt ring magnets and ceramic ring magnets as well.  Ring Magnets for hobbies and industry no minimum 1st class customer help  CMS is a BBB A rated business Ring magnets range in size from less than ¼ inch in diameter to well over 2 inches across.  Our Strong Neodymium Ring Magnets have a special set of uses in the world of magnets. Ring magnets are specially suited to those magnetic repulsion experiments where you dangle 2 magnets from a string, but also Jewelry and in the medical field.  One magician we know even wanted one that looks like a wedding ring.  Hmmm, the methodology for the trick would be hiding in plain site. 

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