​Heavy Duty Wall & Ceiling Mounts

​Heavy Duty Wall & Ceiling Mounts

Nov 15th 2021

Heavy Duty Wall Mounts - Commonly Known as Magnetic Hooks

When it comes to wall mounting equipment, you can not go wrong with heavy duty wall mounted hooks. They are designed to support large items like portraits and paintings so that they don't fall off the wall. These magnetic hooks are normally heavy duty enough to manage even the heaviest paintings and other art types These hooks are perfect for use in high traffic areas like a living area. We have a company that purchases magnetic hooks for full wall coverings in places such as businesses and homes. They even cover the ceilings and can change the entire look of an office in a matter of a couple of hours.

In this way your walls and ceilings actually become art. A seasonal change, a decoration change. Either a winter look in December or fight the seasons when it is 24o outside with sand and seascape, again in a couple of hours.

To be able to get the best hangings out of your heavy duty wall mounted magnetic hooks you have to be certain that they are installed properly. Ensure that the setup is done right in order for your wall hangings to endure for years to come. You will also find that they are available in many different colors so you can choose ones which match your wall decor.

Magnets With Hooks Can Be Used For Many Things

So far we have talked about hanging large items on a wall. What about small things hung on the refrigerator? Your Keys? When was the last time you had to go looking for them? Here is a list of small things to give you a place to not use things and maybe give you a little more space:

  1. Hold nails by glueing a magnet to the bottom of your hammer
  2. Attach a magnetic sheet to the bottom of a Swiffer type mop to find small metal objects on the floor before you vacuum.
  3. Hold curtains in place
  4. Create a cork board info center for your kitchen fridge.
  5. Store a flashlight right on your circuit breaker box so you can see when the lights go out.
  6. Make tie backs for your curtains.Find wall studs without the need for a stud finder
  7. Stick a pen on the fridge, along with a notepad, for lists.
  8. Hang a perpetual calendar to keep you up to date.
  9. Make some wooden toaster tongs, and glue a magnet to hang to the side of your metal toaster.
  10. Glue a magnet inside a desk drawer to organize paper clips.
  11. Remember get your magnets at CMS Magnetics Garland, TX
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