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​A Magnetic Bracelet May Boost Your Health

​A Magnetic Bracelet May Boost Your Health

Posted by L.e. Carlson on Jan 8th 2018

Magnetic Bracelet may boost your health. Magnetic bracelets for pain have been around for a very long time and here to for they have only been affordable to the upper classes. Now magnetic jewelry is affordable to everyone.

What does this loop of magnetism do for you? What can you expect by wearing one? There has long been rumors as to what these little gems are capable of but a whole industry has grown up around them and a very high percentage of people that have actually tried a magnet bracelet swear to their effectiveness.

There have been many studies concerning magnetic bracelets and their ability to block out pain and more and more of them are coming up with more results attesting to their effectiveness.

Yes western medicine is finally catching up with the rest of the world. Keep in mind that it is this

western medicine that cannot tell you how an aspirin works but we all know that it does...right?

I am not a scientist and I cannot tell you how they work but I can tell you about the arthritic pain in my wrists.

I make a living writing about products and advising people about them and my wrists were getting worse and worse as time went on and the doctor gave me one of those (western meds) drugs that are supposed to help with that level of pain. It worked...for awhile. Then I purchased a magnetic bracelet. I was very surprised at how nice they looked but more than that I was happy about how my wrists were feeling. I would have to estimate that 90% of the pain is just gone. It took about a week but it was so worth the effort.

Like I said probably 90% gone but that makes it so manageable. I know too, that since I have been talking to people about these some have tried them and almost all of them have had a reduction in pain and life has been made much easier for them.

There is the question of whether or not they are safe and I have looked into some of the studies and from what I have seen it looks like it may be a problem if you wear a pacemaker or other medical device but other than those types of situations it should not be a problem, but if you wear a medical device check with your doctor first. I have had no ill effects from magnetic bracelets for the last 2 and a half years.

One more word about safety; the earth is a big rock with a huge and very strong magnetic field...think about it.

Side effects of magnetic jewelry: I have read through several studies on the wearing of magnetic bracelets and other jewelry and have run across some mention of a redness or rash where the bracelet is worn, sometimes dizzy spells and some reports of a warm all over feeling when first starting out. I have not had any of that. Non of the people I know that have worn these have experienced any of this, that I know of. I do suggest that if you do experience any of this that you make a decision as to whether it is worth it. Sometimes maybe a minor rash is better than major arthritis. Perhaps it will even just go away after you have worn them for awhile. If it is a major issue or if it has got you concern I might suggest you discontinue their use.