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Magnetic Name Badges 3x4"

Magnetic Name Badges 3 x 4

Magnetic name tags for all company and trade events.  These Magnetic name badges are in stock and ready for a quick ship from CMS to your door.  


These Magnetic name tags are unique from any other and present the person wearing it as very very elegant and dignified.  CMS Magnetics & dsc-3216-web-33818-59307.1507249234.jpgMagnets For Sale’s magnetic name tags have a very unique design where the name badge is made to stay in place with a strong neodymium magnet.   Forget about the clumsy pins and clips that hold traditional name badges.

Magnetic name badges have considerably longer life as their handling quite easy and less complicated.  Magnetic name tags can withstand any climate and would still remain as elegant as ever.  

2.5" x 4" Name Badges