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Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Tools

dsc-5504-h3-web-04598-30360.1507248988.jpgMore and more we are finding that magnetic tools are becoming extremely useful product. 

Let us say you are in charge of a machine shop or an airport runway where foreign objects can become a nuisance or even deadly in the case of a jet aircraft.  Now what if there were magnetic sweepers that swept up these dangerous metal objects using magnets.  Look no more we have those.  A Magnetic Sweeper!

If you are a welder that needs to hold your work to a welding table.  Magnets are the ticket here too.

What if there were magnetic tools that held your tools?  A magnetic tool holder.  Or move this into the kitchen with a knife magnet and a magnetic knife holder.  These magnetic tools clear cluttered drawers & cabinets and place the tools and knives at hand.

Maybe a mechanic dropped a bolt into a part of an engine Magnetic CMS’ LED Pick-Up Tool with 32" Telescoping Body is the way to go!

Perhaps back to the machine shop and you need to move 600 lbs of metal from one place to another.dsc-3082-web-95454.1517505503.190.285.jpg  We have those too:  lifting magnets!

Or a neodymium ditch magnet.  These are used in the oil fields to retrieve metal chunks & shavings form usually very muddy mucky areas to avoid damage to their equipment.