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Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Levitation is what happens when 2 magnets are placed with their like poles (N to N or S to S) horizontally and balanced properly so that the top magnet seems to be floating on air.   Magnetic Levitation makes these objects (magnets & those items attached to them) seem suspended with no other means of support other than the magnetic field themselves.

How could you use magnetic levitation?   We have many items at CMS & Magnets For Sale for you that could spur a child imagination.

Magnetic levitation seems to create a defiance of the laws of gravity.   This is made possible and is true only to the extent of the magnet’s pull force (or in this case push force).  In other words as long as they are balanced the stronger the magnet is the higher an object will “levitate”. 

This is very useful as this type of a levitating union requires very little energy to push or move if the balance is maintained.  There are currently companies that have managed to levitate whole trains.  In 2016 a Maglev train as they are called managed a record 370 miles per hour or a mile every 16 seconds.  The train is not ready for production or passengers yet but it is hoped to be fully operational in about 10 years.