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Project Ideas

In the course of Magnets For Sale & CMS Magnetics actually we decided to place here for customers use.  A page that would address how to use these magnets and what magnets to choose for your specific magnet projects. 

We are not getting rid of our great customer service. 

We will continue to take your order after providing help over the phone.  

Our online magnet shop is running harder than ever.

We will even take your order by FAX, Carrier Pigeon or walk in.

We wanted a place to very quickly educate you about the magnets you wanted for your project without subjecting you to needing to go out getting a PhD. in magnet.  

Most people do not buy magnets often.  We get that.  So let us know if this is helpful.  

Do keep in mind it is a work in progress and is in its infancy.  We will be adding more as time goes by sticking with the thought of giving you only great magnet information on how to do what you want to do right now.


L E Carlson

Magnetics Courseware Developer







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