Established in 2005, CMS Magnetics, Inc. specializes in providing various magnetic materials to industries, research organizations, and individuals. We offer significant advantages in price, delivery, and customer service. Our warehouse in Dallas, TX and Romulus, MI accommodates customers for faster and on-demand delivery. We provide all types, grades, shapes, and sizes of magnets including neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets, AlNiCo magnets, and SmCo magnets.

The CMS Advantage 

  • Proven track record with 13 years of experience
  • Large warehouse holds more than half a million products in stock
  • Centralized location provides speedy delivery
  • Meticulous quality control
  • High quality, patent licensed neodymium magnets


CMS Magnetics has been providing technical support to individuals, business, and organizations from all over the world for years. We work hard to satisfy our clients by supplying them with a knowledgeable staff who can offer innovative solutions to meet their needs.

In addition to technical support, we are able to customize magnets based on the requirements and designs issued by our customers.


  • Permanent Magnets
    1. Neodymium
    2. Samarium Cobalt
    3. AlNiCo
    4. Ceramic
    5. Flexible Magnets
    6. Business Cards
    7. Sheets
    8. Strips
    9. Other
  • Magnetic Assemblies
    1. Badge Magnets
    2. Therapy Magnets
    3. Water Treatment Systems
    4. Push Pin Magnets
    5. Magnet Toys

Client Base

  • Industries (Magnetic Separation, Material Handling, Tools & Holders, Motors, etc.)
  • Universities & Research Institutions
  • Engineering Firms
  • Individuals