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  • AlNiCo 7 Disc Magnet
  • AlNiCo 7 Disc Magnet
  • AlNiCo 7 Disc Magnet

Top Quality AlNiCo 7 Disc Magnet Dia 3/4 x 1/4"

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This listing includes a top quality disc AlNico magnet which is made of AlNiCo 7 material. This magnet is 3/4" diameter x 1/4" thick and magnetized through 1/4" so the N and S poles are on flat surfaces. This magnet has a holding of 3.34 lbs. 

AlNiCo magnet has extrodinary temperature stability than the other types of magnets so it is mostly used in high temperature toolings or oil field applications where high temperature is present. AlNiCo magnet is also used as guitar pickups.

Generally speaking, AlNiCo magnets are more fragile than neodymium magnets. There is no coating for this magnet.

  • Material: Cast AlNico class 7
  • Magnetic Characteristics: Br580 mT, Hcb80KA/m, BH18KJ/m³
  • Holding Power: 
  • Pole Orientation: Axially magnetized, i.e. the N and S poles are on the flat surfaces
  • Tolerances: Dia 3/4 +/-0.004" x 1/4 +/-0.004"
  • Maximum Normal Operating Temperature: 550 degree C or 1022 degree F

CMS Magnetics provides the best quality AlNiCo magnets for USA industries for years. All of our products are made via state of the art technology. All the magnets are made of highly purified raw material under ISO 9001 quality systems. 

Should you need different grade or size of AlNico magnets, we may custom make for you per your requirements.


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